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Blogging for Business: Platforms & Prompts to Get You Started

If you read my last post, you now know why your business needs a blog. Today, I’m sharing my three preferred blog platforms & a few prompts to help you write your first blog post!

Why Blogging is Good for Business (Yes, Even Yours)

We think just about every business website should have a blog where fresh content (like writing, photos, &/or video) is regularly published.

Five Ways to Get More Engagement on Instagram

Do you want to know the true measure of success on your business Instagram account? Hint: it’s not the number of followers you have.

Creating Content During a Pandemic: Lead with Value

How do you create content to market your products & services during a pandemic without coming across as pushy or slimy?

Get More Eyes on Your Business Facebook Page

I’m a member of a handful of business groups on Facebook & I’ve been noticing that so many business owners don’t have a link from their personal Facebook profile to their business Facebook page.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Your Social Media Platforms

We know you wear ALL the hats as a business owner & social media often gets pushed to the back burner. But we’ve got your back. Here’s a checklist of five quick things you can do right now to boost your social platforms:

6 Free Ways to Refresh your Outdated Website

Apparently, we’ve skipped spring & entered “shelter in place” season in Pennsylvania, and your business needs all of the online exposure it can get. If your business has a physical location, people are likely checking in on your website to see how your services have changed or to see if your business is even open at all right now.

Social Distancing: 3 Ways to Keep Your Followers Engaged

Thanks to social distancing, we are seeing mobile screen time jump from 3 hours a day (the average for adults) before the quarantine to 8.5 hours a day during quarantine. If you are not posting business updates on social media right now, you are missing a huge marketing opportunity!