6 Free Ways to Refresh your Outdated Website

April 3, 2020

Apparently, we’ve skipped spring & entered “shelter in place” season in Pennsylvania, and your business needs all of the online exposure it can get. If your business has a physical location, people are likely checking in on your website to see how your services have changed or to see if your business is even open at all right now.

Pull up your website in a new tab & take a good, long look at it. If you’re not proud to share the link with others, your website probably doesn’t truly reflect the heart of your business.

We offer custom design & carefully crafted content that can help you solve that problem. But until you have the resources to kick your website into high gear with our services, we want to help you get the most out of your current website so you can feel confident linking to it.

Here are six free ways to freshen up your existing website right now:

  1. Switch outdated photos for more recent ones. If all of your photos are from 2010, you’re sending the message to potential customers that your business hasn’t changed or improved since that time.
  2. A potential customer is visiting your website to find your: (1) operating hours, (2) location, (3) products/menu items & prices, & (4) current promotions. Include that key content on your website and proofread to make sure it is error-free.
  3. Storefronts that are able to continue in-person sales should highlight any changes in operating hours and available services so customers know what to expect when they arrive at the store.
  4. Update your contact information, team members’ titles, & bios.
  5. Use no more than two fonts on your website – one for headings and one for body text. You can’t go wrong with Arial.
  6. Check all of your links to make sure they take your customer to the right place … not that pesky 404 error page.

Bonus: Use this time to create some new content (like a blog or videos) for your website & link to it on social media as a way to drive traffic *back* to your website.

That’s it! Now that you’ve freshened up your online space, go ahead & share the link to your website with confidence!

If the thought of updating your website feels as daunting as climbing Mount Everest, you could probably use a guide to lead the way. Email Andrea at hello@humble.shop to see how we can help.