Social Distancing: 3 Ways to Keep Your Followers Engaged

March 27, 2020

Thanks to social distancing, we are seeing mobile screen time jump from 3 hours a day (the average for adults) before the quarantine to 8.5 hours a day during quarantine. If you are not posting business updates on social media right now, you are missing a huge marketing opportunity!

We know that it feels weird hit publish on that social media post, but sharing regularly on your social platforms is the best free way to keep your audience connected to your business while face-to-face interactions are off the table.

To take the sting out of making that first post on your page, we’ve put together a few prompts to get you started:

1. Keep your audience in the loop.

Let your audience know whether your storefront is closed, or if you’re offering modified services or business hours right now. Don’t just post this info once — post it daily! Does that sound like overkill? It’s not. Thanks to the Facebook algorithm, your posts are shown to only 6.4% of the people who follow your business! Engagement (likes, shares, & comments) on your posts help to increase that percentage.

2. Give your audience ways to support your business.

Can they purchase gift cards now to use later? Buy your products online? Invite friends to “like” your Facebook page? Can they give a review to help other customers find your business when it reopens? Let them know! We are all looking for ways to help our neighbors — don’t feel ashamed by selling your services in a different way or asking for support!

3. Show the behind the scenes of your business.

People crave connection more than ever right now, and showing your audience the real & raw behind the scenes will be most engaging. Bonus: Photos & video of you and your employees will increase your post engagement by up to 50%. Posting to Facebook & Instagram Stories or Live is even better!

If your business continues to show up on social media during this down time, it will be in the forefront of your followers’ minds when we get back to “business as usual.” So, get out there and keep on posting & engaging with your audience so your business is positioned to be their first choice when the world opens back up again.